[Minutes]【会议纪要】RE: [MEP] EdgeGallery MEP project weekly meeting #3 (Aug 6th) Time: 2020-08-06 15:00-16:00


Hi all,


Please see the minutes of MEP meeting #3 (Aug 6th) here.


MEP weekly meeting #3 - 2020 Aug 6 (15:00-16:00)

Attendees - 参会人

  • Satish Karunanithi
  • Libu Jacob Varghese
  • Limingjiang
  • 彭育
  • 王龙
  • 范桂飓
  • Jiafeng Zhu
  • Sunjinghan
  • wei chen

Topics - 议题

  1. EdgeGallery MEP requirments and roadmap discuss - 黎明江 (Mingjiang)

Minutes - 纪要

requirements collect wiki

  1. currently there're 4 features and 1 testing requirments for MEP project
  2. libu introduced about dns requiment scope and will start a discuss about solution in next meeting
  3. mingjiang introduced about service heartbeat requirement from etsi mec 011 latest stable draft v2.1.3
  4. mingjiang introduced about ak/sk apis and deployment scripts requirement
  5. satish mentioned about network isolation requirement to be added
  6. we need to pass mp1 test cases provided by etsi robot framework test cases in CIs before release

Action Items - 行动项

  1. everyone please add your feature and testing requirements in above wiki before milestone 1 ( Aug 11th) -- all
  2. libu will prepare a dns solution of mep in next meeting -- libu



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86日星期四 15:00-16:00(UTC+08:00) 北京,重庆,香港特别行政区,乌鲁木齐。
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[WeLink Meeting] [MEP] EdgeGallery MEP project weekly meeting #3 (Aug 6th)


2020-08-06 15:00-16:00 ((UTC+08:00)Beijing)



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