【EdgeGallery】【MECM】 MECM Weekly Meeting Invitation

Chuanyu Chen

1. Remaining issues of last weekly meeting review:
    a We review the story design . 
      Portal:  No minutes. 
      AK/SK:  Need to discuss with Developer about the ak/sk generate position. and the helm chart using the k8s secrets. ..Chuanyu Chen  
      Demo APP: Security design rule list need to be checked. we want to make it open source in the community.  .. Rama
   n. We discuss the requirements from ATP. 
      The ATP have the casr package of the application and need to test the lcm of the application using MECM. 
      Need to analyze the APM onboarding feature for the ATP so that it can get the appPackageId and appId.  ..Gaurav.
  2. Story Status Review & Solution Updates.
MECM weekly meeting will be hold every Friday. Please join us to discuss about the architecture and the development.
Welink Meeting ID: 480240283
Time: 16:30~17:30 Beijing Time Every Friday.
Please update the wiki if you have any interested topic.
  • 对边缘系统有全局的视图,管理所有边缘节点及其资源可用状态。
  • 管理所有边缘节点上部署的应用
  • 负责应用包的全局管理,上传,分发到边缘等。
  • 负责应用的生命周期管理,能够通过中心管理面进行应用的部署,删除等。
  • 对边缘节点和应用部署状态进行中心化管理。同时MECM能够对整体系统有个全局的视图,管理应用包的上传下载与分发,应用的部署。
  • 初始化应用时,能够根据应用的部署策略,资源要求,网络资源状态等,正确的将应用部署到合适的边缘。
  • 能够根据管理员的策略设置,对应用进行自动化的调度和迁移。