SecurityWG weekly meeting(20210223)【周三15:30-16:30】#security


Invite you to participate in the weekly meeting of the EdgeGallery Community SecurityWG

Meeting Info
Time: Feb 23th, 15:30~16:30, UTC+8(Beijing Time) 【周三15:30-16:30】


1. v1.1迭代一安全测试情况审视(测试进度/问题单审视) -- All

Review of v1.1 sprint1 security test (review of test schedule/issues) -- All

2. v1.1迭代二特性/开发进度审视 -- All

Review of v1.1 sprint2 stories/coding schedule -- All

3. EdgeGallery安全工作介绍(to Zhang Ali) -- 扈冰

EdgeGallery Security work introduction (to Zhang Ali) -- Hubing

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