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Jing Lv

Hi all

    We plan to hold the first security working group meeting on next Wednesday @CST 16:30~17:30/IST 14:00~15:00. (This meeting time slot is tentative and we can discuss a time that works for everyone at the first meeting.)


Meeting Agenda:

1.      Working Group Member Introduction

2.      WG scope and release 1 goals discussion

3.      Decision on weekly meeting time slot


    If you have additional topics that you want to share and discuss with the group, please reply directly to this mail.

Zoom meeting ID will be updated in this mail channel shortly.  

Looking forward to having you on board ~~~ :D


Jing Lu

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主题: [EdgeGallery] SEC#SEC EdgeGallery安全工作组 initial member signup


Hi All




l  安全工作组初始成员报名:有意愿参加安全工作组的小伙伴请将自己的信息更新到Wiki,也建议大家每个公司有固定的参与安全工作组同事。

l  沟通方式:使用我们 邮件列表,为了方便区分,建议大家在主题前面添加【SEC/【安全】作为区分。





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