[MEP] Welcome to join EdgeGallery MEP project / 【MEP】欢迎加入EdgeGallery MEP项目组


Hi all,

Welcome to join EdgeGallery MEP project. MEP project is one of the first open source projects of EdgeGallery.

In MEP project, you can join architecture design and requirements discuss, you can develop/test the features and bring them online, you can also help edit the user guide and developer guide.

To join, please edit Contributors chapter in MEP project introduction wiki page [1] and write your name and email down in the table.


诚挚邀请各位英雄好汉加入EdgeGallery MEP项目组。MEP项目是EdgeGallery首发开源项目之一,在MEP项目中:

-      善于思考的你能够深入参与到MEP项目架构设计和需求讨论;

-      喜欢编程的你能够亲自进行MEP的特性开发和测试;

-      爱好写作的你能够帮助编辑MEP的用户指导和开发者文档。


加入MEP项目请编辑MEP项目wiki文档 [1] Contributors小节,在表格中写下您的姓名、邮箱、公司即可。

[1] https://gitee.com/EdgeGallery/community/wikis/Introduction?sort_id=2444097



黎明江 Mingjiang Li (Rex)


Tel: +86 13761275017

Email: limingjiang@...


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