[Testing WG] Phase 2 of 3rd party dependency check


Hi all,


Following the 1.0 release plan, now we are going to disable the exemption of multiple versions of one direct dependency.

This means the number of versions of each direct dependency should be only one for all golang and java projects.

I have create the new global dependency list without multiple versions for golang and java projects respectively.

Please refer to this PR to find out the removed versions of some dependencies. The policy now is to keep the highest version.

Please try to develop with the new dependency lists and let me know if your projects can’t work with some versions.


We plan to use the new lists for 3rd party dependency check 2 weeks later. Please test and update the dependency version in these 2 weeks.


Following are the projects already included in the 3rd party check. If there are any other golang or java projects, let me know. Thanks.

·         api-emulator

·         appstore-be

·         developer-be

·         mep and mep-agent

·         mecm-apm, mecm-appo, mecm-applcm, mecm-inventory

·         plugins

·         user-mgmt

·         website-gateway



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