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Yang (Gabriel) Yu

Hi Kumar,


In this year, our community will explore more use cases in different industry.

We’d also like to have more inputs/requirements to our releases from different use cases.


If you are interested, I can arrange a topic in TSC for you to have an introduction of the use cases from your side.






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Hi Kumar,


Before 2022, we have a release cadency of  3 months. After we have 7 releases, i.e., Dec. 2021, we decided to extend the cadency to 6 months.

So from 2022, the major version of EG will be published every 6 months.


You can get support from the community for technical issues. If you want long time support, you should cooperate with with some member companies.




If you want to find older version, please refer to

Generally, we suggest user to install the latest version, the community only have limited support for older versions.







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Subject: [EdgeGallery] Release Frequency of EdgeGallery


Dear Team,

Thanks a lot for all your support.

I wanted to know the release frequency of EdgeGallery meaning what is major release date cycle?

What is the support one can expect for older versions of EdgeGallery? Is the support expected only from the community?

If someone wants to use older versions of EdgeGallery then what is the provision? Because we observed that only latest version is available for download.


The reason why we are for answers for these questions is Industry customers expect Long term supported components so we were evaluating the suitability for the same.



Vikash kumar prasad

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