More Clarifications on Edgegallery

Kumar Prasad, Vikash

Dear Team,

We have further questions to clarify.

  1. Is any real time considerations for running app on Edge  node? In other words if what are the implications of running RT(Real time)  application on EdgeGallery node, is the Real Time OS is supported? As we see so far only ubuntu is supported. What is the prospect for running RT applications on EdgeGallery. Any interfaces  for extending it to RT application is being in consideration ? Any guaranteed latency is possible on the application running on EdgeGallery? Or you are depending completely on the Kubernetes ?


  1. Any application stores are publicly available right now (incl China) ? If yes could you please provide more details ?



  1. Any Billing related components are already developed or in pipeline ? Or any interfaces(API) are defined for custom development?


  1. Any third party edge nodes can be integrated to the edgegallery? If yes what are the requirements from the edge node?




Vikash kumar prasad

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