Getting error while testing app in sandbox on Edgegallery verison 1.5.1

Kumar Prasad, Vikash

Dear Team,

I am trying to follow the same steps to deploy/develop app on edgegallery as I used to do on version 1.3.0, but while doing sandbox test

I am getting below error, can anybody guide me here how to resolve this problem.


Exception happens when export image: [org.edgegallery.developer.service.application.action.impl.container.InstantiateContainerAppAction.queryPodStatus(, org.edgegallery.developer.service.application.action.impl.container.InstantiateContainerAppAction.queryInstantiateStatus(, org.edgegallery.developer.service.application.action.impl.InstantiateAppAction.execute(, org.edgegallery.developer.service.application.impl.container.ContainerAppOperationServiceImpl$]

pod Information :



I was just curious to know whether anything extra step I have to perform in version 1.5.1 which we didn’t have to perform in version 1.3.0



Vikash kumar prasad



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