Re: Edgegallery networking Module Calico replacement


We don’t depend on any CNI, you can use whatever you want.


Cause we use calico by default…

we are using Multus to support multi-cni…  

you can investigate this repo, to support the multi cni access by using domain name:   .


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From: [] On Behalf Of Kumar Prasad, Vikash
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2022 11:14 AM
Subject: [EdgeGallery] Edgegallery networking Module Calico replacement


Dear Team,

I got to learn that Edgegallery uses calico networking model, if I want to use some other networking model

such as Flannel, coil etc… so is there any provision like I can remove Calico module and use other modules?

or is it something like Edgegallery is highly dependent on Calico networking module only?


Thanks in advance!!!



Vikash kumar prasad

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