Re: Difference between IcmIP and mecHost


Hi Vikash,
    mecHost IP is always edge cluster IP incase of k8s based app deployment and lcmIp should be MEPM IP(where edge components app rule manager, applcm etc... are deployed, default port is 31252) responsible for lifecycle management of applications.

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From:Kumar Prasad, Vikash <vikash.kumarprasad@...>
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Date:2022-02-09 12:44:19
Subject:[EdgeGallery] Difference between IcmIP and mecHost

Dear Team,

I am installing edgegallery all in one , in development portal I have to add Host

So I have a question here that I can see I have to provide IcmIP address and mecHost Address, in my case because

I am using all in one so I am providing the same ip address for both cases but if I will install edgegallery in multinode

Cluster so which node ip address I will provide in IcmIP section and which node ip address I will provide in mecHost section.


It will be great help if anyone clarify this!!!





Vikash kumar prasad


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