Re: not able to download EG version 1.2

Kanagaraj Manickam

Hi vikash, 

I see good progress on your 1.3 deployment and let us continue the collaboration and have zoom meeting the further troubleshoot the 1.3 issue your are facing on app on onboard process.

We have done many  successful deployment of 1.3 with app on boarding and believe you can too sooner.

On 1.2 download error, we will look at it. Thank you for reporting.


From:Kumar Prasad, Vikash <vikash.kumarprasad@...>
To:main <>
Date:2021-12-07 16:01:47
Subject:[EdgeGallery] not able to download EG version 1.2

Dear Team,

When I am trying to download EG version 1.2 from here , it is giving below error.



For me EG version 1.3 is not working properly so thought to work with version 1.2.



Vikash kumar prasad

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