Re: Getting error while uploading container


Hi Vikash,


Sorry for the late response.


Could you describe how you save the docker image (such as docker save command) and what’s the name of you upload file?


The attachment is a guide for sample APP deployment, but it’s related to v1.2. For your v1.3 EG, there should be some tiny differences.



Dan Xu


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主题: [EdgeGallery] Getting error while uploading container


Dear Team,

When we are trying to upload a container in developing environment on edgegallery, it is throwing error saying “upload fail”.

How do I see the log to check why did it fail?


Note: my container size is 700Mb.


Is there any good document/tutorial for developing/integrating our app on edgegallery which can guide me step by step.



Vikash kumar prasad

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