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Kumar Prasad, Vikash


Thanks a lot for your reply, I was following  the offline mode of installation . but it is failing in this below step:


sshpass -p Linux@123 ssh-copy-id -p 22 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no root@....102


      please note: is my VM’s IP address.

But it is failing due to some error of permission issue while I am running it as a root user.


I have a request can you please provide me sample configuration files for installation of edge gallery. Files including ( host-aio, var.yml,).


Thanks a lot again for your help.



Vikash kumar prasad


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Hi Vikash,


Yes, EdgeGallery supports to install all in one VM.

You can go to EdgeGallery official website to get all you need including the offline install packages and install guide.


We don’t provide any online EG service at this stage.



Dan Xu


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Dear team,

I am trying to install Edge Gallery on my system on one VM only. Is it possible to install all the components on one VM image?

Is there any good document on Edge gallery which can guide me to install it without any error?

Are you providing any all ready installed edge gallery as a service so that we can use it without worrying about installation of the edge gallery software?



Vikash kumar prasad


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